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Mature content
Vore House by Dveltmands :iconvore-stories:Vore-Stories 61 6
Mature content
Aunt Maggie by Dveltmands :iconvore-stories:Vore-Stories 73 8
Bed Jumping by ElPortero
"Girls, would you stop making so much racket up there?!
Ashley and Amy stopped their impromptu pillow fight and sat down on the bed.  They both yelled in unison.
"Yes, Mother!"
Ashley and Amy were twin sisters, and very close twin sisters at that.  They both wore their long light brown hair back in a ponytail and both were even wearing the same pajamas—a white nightshirt with a teddy bear and hearts on it and a pair of pink polka dot white panties.  They did everything together and were inseparable.  They liked to play around and wrestle with each other, but never fought at all.
"Alright girls, I am going out to meet your father for dinner.  You both behave and listen to what Jaime tells you to do!"
Jaime was their college-aged older sister who usually babysat them during the summers when she was home from school.
"Yes, Mother!"
The girls heard their mother shut the front door as she left.  They jumped back up on Ashley's
:iconvore-stories:Vore-Stories 120 9
Fun in the Pool by ElPortero
"Beth!  Please, come inside.  I'm so glad you were free to watch Emma for us.  You know how hard it is to get a babysitter on such short notice."
"Yes, Mrs. Jensen.  I'm glad to help.  All of my friends are away at summer camps so I really don't have much to do.  Besides, I always have so much fun playing with Emma."
Beth had just finished the sixth grade and so far this summer had been very boring with all her friends gone.  And she really did enjoy playing with Emma.  She was such a sweet little girl.
"Well, Emma was thrilled to hear that you were the one watching her today.  She's out in the backyard, playing in her wading pool."
Mrs. Jensen led Beth through the house to the backyard.  As they stepped outside Beth saw Emma playing with her father.  The six-year-old brunette girl was wearing a white one piece bathing suit with red polka dots and was swimming around the edge o
:iconvore-stories:Vore-Stories 135 3
Mature content
Yokuru Chpt 2 by ReiGeku :iconvore-stories:Vore-Stories 7 1


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Thank you for taking the time to view this humble account. My name is Snowe and I'm incharge of Vore-Stories. My goal is to bring every good Vore story together into one gallery. You could say this is a place for the best of the best. Of course I take NO CREDIT for any stories I post unless I've said so.

Wow, 108 page views and people have read the stories I've posted 740 times. I think I'm starting to get popular.

Also, All Writers that I've posted are aware I'm using their works. Some have even asked to be posted. Please know I'm not trying to take credit but create something that allows Vore Writers to show off some of their better works. ReiGeku actually sent me a E-Mail telling me she now has gained 50+ fans since I posted one of her stories.


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danniFphantom95 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I dont really understand what is a vore story
inflateyou Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
This is a little late, but if you're still wondering:
A vore story is a story where one person (the pred) eats another (the prey). Usually the prey is swallowed whole, and sometimes they come out intact. Othertimes... not so much. They can also come out either end, though the back end of course is more common in lethal stories ("hard vore"). Non-lethal stories are called "soft vore". "Samesize" or "Same-Size" is when the characters are normal-sized. "Micro" is when the prey is tiny, like a shrink-ray victim, and "Macro" is when the pred is a giant. The preds are usually girls, but the prey can be either gender. Stories with male preds are less common, but they are out there.
danniFphantom95 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much this clears up a lot
BetterBelly Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
You're welcome!
Crab-master Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011
would you happen to have any of the other stories dveltmands wrote? it would make my year if you did.
Fatso2 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2011
when will you be posting more stories? Do you need inspiration?
VoReWiN Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011
Ill give my best shot about vore stories but it probably wont square up to this kind of work
XscreamoX4XemoX Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2009
im a newbie sorry wrong person i dont love you
XscreamoX4XemoX Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2009
hi love of my life:) can you guess who it is? give you a hint ITS GABBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oDontClickMe Featured By Owner May 31, 2009
I'ev wrote this story for my english gcse and i was wondering if you would class it as vore or not. I wrote this before i knew about vore so i haven't got a clue if it is vore or not.

Here is the link > [link]
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