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"Beth!  Please, come inside.  I'm so glad you were free to watch Emma for us.  You know how hard it is to get a babysitter on such short notice."

"Yes, Mrs. Jensen.  I'm glad to help.  All of my friends are away at summer camps so I really don't have much to do.  Besides, I always have so much fun playing with Emma."

Beth had just finished the sixth grade and so far this summer had been very boring with all her friends gone.  And she really did enjoy playing with Emma.  She was such a sweet little girl.

"Well, Emma was thrilled to hear that you were the one watching her today.  She's out in the backyard, playing in her wading pool."

Mrs. Jensen led Beth through the house to the backyard.  As they stepped outside Beth saw Emma playing with her father.  The six-year-old brunette girl was wearing a white one piece bathing suit with red polka dots and was swimming around the edge of the pool, splashing her father.  Beth wished she had known to bring a bathing suit.  It would have been fun swimming with Emma and the pool was certainly big enough for her to fit in.  It was quite large for a wading pool.

Mr. Jensen looked up and saw Beth.  He leaned over his daughter, gave her a kiss and said, "Good bye, Emma.  You have fun with Beth."

"Bye, Daddy!"

Mrs. Jensen blew her daughter a kiss and said, "I love you, Emma.  You behave now!"

"Yes, Mommy!"

Mrs. Jensen spoke to Beth.  "We should only be gone for a few hours.  My cell phone number is on the refrigerator if you need to call us.  Have a great time!"

The Jensens walked back into the house.  Beth walked over to the wading pool.

"Hi, Emma!"

"Hi, Beth!  Can you come swim with me?"

"No, Emma, I don't have a bathing suit.  But can still play with you though.  Just like your daddy was doing."


Emma started swimming around and gently splashing Beth as she walked around the pool.  She brushed away the droplets that landed in her red hair and on her blue tank top and matching sweat shorts.  She played with Emma like this for what seemed like an hour.  Her sandaled feet were damp from the wet grass around the pool and it was quite warm out, so she decided it was time to bring Emma inside.  It was about lunch time anyway.

"You want lunch, Emma?"


"Well okay dear, let me just get you out of there and dry you off."

Beth leaned out over the pool to try and grab a hold of Emma.  She put her left down on the side of the pool to keep her balance, but the weight of her hand caused the side of the pool to collapse and she fell forward into the pool.  She panicked and with her mouth open she started swallowing large amounts of pool water as it rushed past her.  Beth was completely disoriented and her senses were failing her.  Suddenly she felt something large jammed in her mouth and halfway down her throat.  She gulped hard, instinctively trying to clear the blockage in her throat.  It took several hard swallows but she finally felt the huge lump traveling down her throat.  The pool water continued to rush by her and she continued to gulp down water as she tried to find air.  Finally, as the water subsided she was able to push herself up with her arms and roll over onto her back.  Her vision was blurry from all the pool water forcing its way into her eyes.  She rubbed them and tried to regain her bearings.  She felt...different.

She looked down at her body.  Her stomach was huge!  My goodness, she thought.  How much pool water did I swallow?  And where is Emma?  She looked around but didn't see Emma anywhere.  Then she felt something move inside her.  She stared down at her bulging gut and thought to herself, No way.  There's no way that I did that.  Her question was suddenly answered by a cheerful voice calling out from inside her stomach.

"Wow, Beth!  That was so much fun!"

Oh, no!  I've just swallowed the neighbors' daughter!  What am I going to do?

Beth tried to move.  She wasn't able to.  With all the pool water and Emma in her stomach it was just too much weight.  She couldn't get to the house to call the Jensens.  She didn't know what to do.

"Emma, are you okay in there?"

"Yes, Beth.  This is so much fun.  It's like a pool inside your belly!"

"Emma, I need to get you out of there."

"No, Beth!  Please?  It's so much fun inside your tummy!"

Beth could feel Emma splashing around in her stomach.  She thought this was all fun.  Well, if Emma was okay, and she was having fun, and the Jensens would be back in just a few hours, then Beth figured maybe this would be okay.

"Alright, Emma, I'll let you stay in there.  But you have to get out before your parents get home, okay?"

"Yay!"  Emma jumped for joy inside of Beth, causing her entire belly to jiggle.

"Hey, but you have to behave while your in my stomach!  You don't want to give me an upset tummy, do you?"

"Okay, Beth."

Beth leaned back a little and rubbed her enormous stomach.  It actually felt kind of good having Emma inside her.  She felt so full, so content.  She listened to the sloshing of water in her belly, enjoyed the movement of Emma inside her.  Beth started to feel sleepy in the warm summer sun.  She rubbed her belly, her mind drifting to sleep.  She didn't even notice the low gurglings that were starting to emit from within her belly....

Beth woke up, not having any idea how much time had past.  Her stomach was really hurting.  That's when she noticed that it wasn't as big as it was before.

"Emma?  Are you okay in there?"

There was no response.

"Emma, answer me!"

All Beth could hear were the loud rumblings of her churning stomach.

"Oh no, Emma!  Emma!  Please answer me!"

The only answer she got was a sharp contraction that resulted in a really loud gurgling.  The kind of gurgling that your stomach makes when you eat cereal and your stomach is done digesting it.  Beth's eyes widened in horror and pain.  Her stomach was really hurting.  The pool water and the large meal were giving her serious indigestion.  Beth's belly quaked as her stomach tried unsuccessfully to cram Emma into her small intestine.  What was she going to tell her parents?  I'm sorry I ate your daughter, but she gave me serious indigestion, so let's call it even?  She was going to be in a world of trouble.  She tried to get up on her feet, struggling against gravity's force oh her huge stomach.  That's when she heard it.

"Beth?  Emma?  We're home!"

Beth panicked.  She managed to turn around so her back was to the back door.  Mrs. Jensen came out the back door and saw Beth sitting with her back to her.

"Oh there you are!  Did you have lunch while we were gone?"

Right then Beth's stomach churned loudly.

"Beth, what's that noise?  And where is Emma?"
Fun in the Pool by ElPortero. ElPortero is one of my more favorite writers so expect to see alot of him. This story is acctually inspired by one of the works of Brain3Times3. All characters are copyright ElPortero and Brain3Times3.

For more on ElPortero visit him at : [link] or look him up on Eka's Portal.
Dragonlover0 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
lol the parents should've eaten her for that :p
voreist Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
You Should Totally Right A Prolouge To This Lolz Its Cool~! [link]
moogleofages Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2008
Now how do you explain that to the parents. ' Burp! she was misplaced' lol
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